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EENI  Africa Foreign Trade 

MOROCCO -  Foreign Trade Export Import
Millions USD
MOROCCO -  Import: 18,150 Import/World=0.18%. Import/GDP= 1.815.
MOROCCO -  Export: 9,472 Export/World=0.09%.
(Export+Import)/GDP= 19.60%.  

Globalization: 62.64
Gross domestic product: 140900 (PPP)
per capita: 4,300 USD
World 9,300
Currency DH (ISO= MAD)
Population: 33,241,259
Unemployment: 10.50%
Km2= 446,550.00

MOROCCO  Doing Business  
Economy - Freedom
= 57,7
Business= 76,2
trade= 68
Government 76,5
Currency= 80,5
Investment= 60
Finance= 50
Copyright= 35
Corruption= 35
Labor= 30,8
100 Best
Corruption= 3,5
10 Transparency

MOROCCO Agreements: African Development Bank, African Union, New Partnership for Africa's Development NEPAD, UNECA, AGOA, FOCAC, Arab League, ESCWA, Islamic Development Bank, Organization of the Islamic Conference, United Nations, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, World Bank WB.

MOROCCO Export MOROCCO Course: Doing business in MOROCCO    Rabat 
Africa المغرب  (Moroccan).  Rabat, Casablanca, Tanger, Marrakech, Agadir, Fez, Kenitra, Oujda, Safi, El Jadida, Ouarzazate.  Language: Arabic العربية (ar).  Currency: dirham (DH).  ISO = MA  ISO3 = MAR. 

MOROCCO 100 Language
GMT= +0:00.  Tel= 212 (7).  Volt= 110/220v.  Geography: -6.317,31.883,5

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