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EENI  Asia Foreign Trade 

MONGOLIA -  Foreign Trade Export Import
Millions USD
MONGOLIA -  Import: 1,011 Import/World=0.01%. Import/GDP= 0.1011.
MONGOLIA -  Export: 852 Export/World=0.01%.
(Export+Import)/GDP= 30.94%.  

Globalization: 55.27
Gross domestic product: 6022 (PPP)
per capita: 2,200 USD
World 9,300
Currency Tog (ISO= MNT)
Population: 2,832,224
Unemployment: 6.70%
Km2= 1,564,116.00

MONGOLIA  Doing Business  
Economy - Freedom
= 62,8
Business= 71,0
trade= 81,2
Government 69,9
Currency= 76,7
Investment= 60
Finance= 60
Copyright= 30
Corruption= 30
Labor= 67,7
100 Best
Corruption= 3
10 Transparency

MONGOLIA Agreements: Asian Development Bank, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), BOAO United Nations, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, World Bank WB.

MONGOLIA Export MONGOLIA Course: Doing business in MONGOLIA    Ulan Bator 
Asia Монгол Улс  (Mongolian).  Ulaan Baatar, Ulan Bator, Bayanhongor, Darhan, Saynshand, Bulgan, Erdenet.  Language: Mongolian (mn).  Currency: togrog (Tog).  ISO = MN  ISO3 = MNG. 

MONGOLIA 100 Language
GMT= +8:00.  Tel= 976.  Volt= 220v.  Geography: 103.083,46.835,5

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