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EENI  Asia Foreign Trade 

MALAYSIA -  Foreign Trade Export Import
Millions USD
MALAYSIA -  Import: 118,700 Import/World=1.16%. Import/GDP= 11.87.
MALAYSIA -  Export: 147,100 Export/World=1.43%.
(Export+Import)/GDP= 106.88%.  

Globalization: 76.24
Gross domestic product: 248700 (PPP)
per capita: 10,400 USD
World 9,300
Currency RM (ISO= MYR)
Population: 24,385,858
Unemployment: 3.60%
Km2= 329,750.00

MALAYSIA  Doing Business  
Economy - Freedom
= 64,6
Business= 70,8
trade= 78,2
Government 81,4
Currency= 79,9
Investment= 40
Finance= 40
Copyright= 50
Corruption= 51
Labor= 71,5
100 Best
Corruption= 5,1
10 Transparency

MALAYSIA Agreements: Asian Development Bank, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), BOAO Islamic Development Bank, Organization of the Islamic Conference, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (AEPC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), United Nations, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, World Bank WB.

MALAYSIA Export MALAYSIA Course: Doing business in MALAYSIA    Kuala Lumpur 
Asia Malaysia  (Malaysian).  .  Language: Malay Bahasa Melayu (ms).  Currency: ringgit; ringgit [pl. invar.] (RM).  ISO = MY  ISO3 = MYS. 

MALAYSIA 100 Language
GMT= +8:00.  Tel= 60 (3).  Volt= 110/220v.  Geography: 109.708,3.792,5

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